Couch to 14K, Part 3: Selecting your first mountain to climb

Here is Part 3 of 4 of preparing for a 14, selecting what mountain to climb. Not sure if you heard about the guy who got stranded on Long’s Peak this week and miraculously survived, but it’s a good example of why we should always research our route ahead of time.



Part 1 of a short series from Bob Doucette on preparing for your first 14er. Great stuff to think about as you get ready for your first 14er. I will be posting the summer hike schedule soon.


Sign Up for Rock Climbing & Rappelling – May 3, 2014

Are you a young woman leader between 18-25 and ready for your first adventure? Then join us on the very first Summit Sisters event.  Saturday, May 3 we will host an inaugural adventure in the Denver Metro area. Come try something new and participate in a professionally instructed Beginner Rock Climbing and Rappelling 1/2 Day Course. The cost is only $50 per participant. This special Summit Sisters promotional price includes all equipment and 1/2 days instruction from the amazing professional guides from the Front Range Climbing Co.

Use the contact form below if you’d like to join us or just call/text Stella Juarez at 720-539-1517.

Yes, I’d like to attend! Please contact me with more information: 

Visit our EVENT page for other upcoming event information.


Summit Sisters Facebook Page Launches

We’ve just launched our Summit Sisters page on Facebook. Stop by and “Like” us in April 2014 and you could win a special prize!


NPR Features Summit Sister Founder in “Conquering Colorado’s Mountains”

In late fall, NPR joined Summit Sisters founder Stella Juarez and two young women on a climb last fall to chronicle their second 14er summit. Turned back by dangerous winds just a few hundred feet short of the summit, the adventure still made for an interesting learning experience. Listen to the NPR radio story.